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Spring is around the corner and we are anxious to begin a new season of new adventures and time on the water. In the meantime enjoy the latest issue of This is Fly Magazine. 2017 begins with a head-banging menu of the most talented writers, photographer, artists, musicians and anglers in and outside of the fly fishing industry. Our goal remains constant as we look to work with elite contributors but to also seek out the next generation and undiscovered talent. As Spring melts away our seasonal depression we look forward to exploring the globe and presenting a unique collection of content to our readership. I hope you saved your sick days over the winter, because it’s time to call in and get some of that early season action.

This is Fly Magazine’s Issue 62 begins with Michael Caraci’s love affair with Kamchatka and a sacred river in Savan, Sultry Seductress. Longtime TIF contributor H. Bomb reveals his obsession with Ari ‘T Hart and how design and function win In The Hart of Patagonia. Alex Woodsum discusses the history of south Florida and the challenges that have now reignited a movement to save the Everglades or The Swamp. Christiaan Pretorius is on the road again and returns from an exploratory trip to Fanning Island, find out what he finds on the coral atoll. Hunter Harlow realizes he’s passing up Commuter Creek during a hankering for some quality tacos that takes him all the way across town. Because tacos are worth it, he finds a creek filled with hungry bass that gets overlooked by passerbys. RA Beattie’s latest project features Mike Dawes and Sandflea who suggest in Corazón: we must teach the next generation, teach them curiosity, camaraderie across borders and to value our fisheries and friends. Earl Harper’s unconventional approach of Capturing Time which focuses on the people you meet instead of the fish you catch.

Chase Hancock is back to showcase his patterns and his introduction into fly fishing and his immediate attraction to fly tying. Chase tells us, “I’m honestly excited for the future of fly tying and fishing. As a person who came in the profession as an outsider with a different frame of mind, I often encourage others to do the same. Progress does not come from people who will only go by the book.”

Our featured artist is Oregon-based Adam Haynes has worked with corporate brands like Nike, Patagonia, Howler Bros and many more. Adam defines his vision of the world through the language of his surroundings—the vivid geography of the Cascade Range and the off-kilter character of its rural inhabitants.

Lastly, our featured photographer Richard Morton is probably best known for filming and producing the 7 and 9 degrees south films showcasing the world class fishing on Alphonse, Astove and Cosmoledo in the Seychelles. He also has two other films to his credit, Shadow Fishing in the Yemen and Nubia. This featured photographer piece is a collection of some of his photographs documenting his travels through Southern Africa and all the way across the Pacific and Indian oceans in pursuit of adventures.

Enjoy and thanks for your support!

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