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WT#? Who Stole His Ashes?

Capt. Bill Curtis died at age 91 on Oct. 24; in January, his ashes were stolen from a parked pickup truck in the Coconut Grove neighborhood of Miami. Credit Stu Apte

Nobody knows for certain why someone would steal the cremated remains of a Florida Keys fly-fishing legend from a pickup truck parked outside a restaurant earlier this year.

Capt. Bill Curtis had no spurned lovers, lifelong enemies, obsessed fans or angry family members, according to friends, family and the police.

Curtis, who invented the poling platform for skiffs and the Bimini twist knot, spotted fish for Jimmy Buffett and Ted Williams, and inspired characters in the novel “Ninety-Two in the Shade.”

“It’s like losing my father twice,” Nancy Curtis Bacon said about her father, who died Oct. 24 at 91.

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