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Signs you’ve just run into a fly guy  (or girl for that matter)

  1. They accidentally abbreviate the word river, simply referring to it as the, “Riv. “
  2. They call out the guy wearing an Exofficio shirt at dinner.
  3. They’ve got a love-hate relationship with A River Runs Through It
  4. Meeting a newfound fellow fly guy means possibly bailing on whoever you attended _______ event with, for an early morning.
  5. They drunkenly converse with girls wearing feathers in her hair.
  6. “Strike indicator, not a bobber.”
  7. 10 til 2 isn’t a time.
  8. Their appalled face when you break out the term, “pellet fly.”
  9. No wake up call is too early.
  10. The unwritten boundary between spin and fly.

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