Sugar Dolphin

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SUGAR DOLPHIN – As you sweeten up your coffee this morning for less than a penny, remember to thank the State of Florida.

The Army Corps of Engineers is dumping billions of gallons of phosphorus-laced, oxygen depleted water into the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico simultaneously this morning, as it has been doing for the past week.

The stinky dead brown water originates from Lake Okeechobee (that big round doughnut in the center of Southern Florida).

The “Big O” is surrounded by sugar cane fields which are located in (what used to be called) the Everglades. Gravity causes the nitrogen laced water from the agricultural lands to seep into the aquifer.

As a result of the record rainfall experienced in the past 45 days Okeechobee is being drained “at all costs” to prevent crop loss and flooding.

None of this is new.

Big Sugar owns ehe State of Florida through their lobbyists and with the big money that you pay them for the convenience of having something sweet…

The state of Florida had a contract to purchase the land (backed by the voters and funded with our tax money). Big Sugar decided they wanted to make more money on the land in the future through development and used Lobbying tactics on the spineless politicians who then “opted out” on the purchase.

The Sugar Barons have has been stealing water from,the Everglades for decades, killing it acre by acre, bird by bird, fish by fish and YES mammal mammal by mammal.

The absence of outrage by public regarding the actions of their elected “crooks and whores” who represent us in Tallahassee is puzzling.

What floats on the surface is a small indicator of the ENVIRONMENTAL HOLOCAUST that is going on in our own backyard. If you look under the surface, you will also find that the sea grass, shellfish and mollusks and everything else is being smothered out as well.

Thanks to our “sweet tooth” (and complacency) entire sections of the Florida Bay are dead now.

The ONLY WAY to fix this is to restore historic water flows to the Everglades and kill every political action that is killing the Glades.

I have seen people get really really pissed off when their gas costs more than $3.00 a gallon. Remember that photo of the girl straddling a dead dolphin that went viral?

Where is the outrage here? Water from the Everglades has been hijacked by Big Sugar for decades.

Who will break out of their comfortable daily routine to help preserve something we all know and love yet? It takes more than just a click.

Is it time for you (and that means all of you) to do anything about this…yet? Don’t just “like” it…LIVE IT. Don’t just “repost” it… REPLACE IT with something that fits your conscience.

Enjoy your coffee and have a nice day.

Via Federation of Fly Fishers and Gink and Gasoline

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