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William Joseph Fly Fishing, long known for innovative yet practical fishing packs and accessories has released five new carrying systems for the 2014 season. The latest lineup from William Joseph includes three dedicated chest packs and two multi-functional pieces to fit a variety of needs and purposes.

The new 2014 packs are as follows:

Release – The Release is a magnetic closure chest pack with AirTrack™ Breathable Suspension and a blissfully comfortable shoulder harness system with integrated water bladder capabilities Retail: $79.95

Cinch – The Cinch is made of high tenacity 900 Denier Nylon with an integrated rod tube hauler and a multitude of uses. The Cinch is capable of acting as a chest pack, a fanny pack or a sling pack Retail: $42.95

Sprint  – The Sprint is a particularly light-weight chest pack, weighing in under a pound, yet still containing all the function you would expect from William Joseph Retail: $69.95

Path – The Path contains easy to see through panels for increased organization as well as AirTrack™ Suspension, an integrated tippet dispenser and the ability to convert from a chest to lumbar pack Retail: $69.95

Escape – The Escape is the ultimate in a simplistic, yet functional, chest pack with tons of storage in both front and back and all the features of the rest of the 2014 line Retail: $99.95




Costa Sunglasses continues its ongoing partnership with OCEARCH, a non-profit organization actively researching great white sharks and other oceanic apex predators, with the release of custom designed, limited edition gear supporting the program. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Costa’s OCEARCH shirts and hats benefits the organization’s collaborative research expeditions around the world to study and advance knowledge on the ocean’s giants.

OCEARCH is known for its groundbreaking tagging of great white sharks and other apex predators, working with world-class fishermen, researchers and corporations like Costa in an effort to support governments and their fisheries in need of hands-on access to large, mature sharks. Its online Shark Tracker allows scientists, researchers and educators a first-hand look at the species’ migratory patterns and other data. Tagged great white sharks Mary Lee and Katherine, both originally spotted in the waters off the coast of Cape Cod, Mass., have routinely pinged in up and down the Atlantic coast, near locations including Charleston, S.C., Savannah, Ga. and Jacksonville, Fla.

In 2014, OCEARCH is on a mission to South America, visiting the Galapagos Islands, Chile, and Brazil to expand its tagging efforts to include yellow fin tuna, wahoo, rainbow runner, skip jack, while also working with White sharks and Tiger, Hammerhead, Bull, Blacktip and Silky sharks, among other species.

Costa’s limited edition OCEARCH gear is available now online at www.costadelmar.com.

‘Wicked Tuna’ stars back for Season 3

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The show, which follows commercial fishermen as they fish for lucrative bluefin tuna, has captured the attention of fishermen and reality-TV fans across the nation. The show is back for a third season Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT and there’s a lot at stake.

The fishermen can net $1,000 to $24,000 for just one fish, and with millions watching globally, no one can forget the competition. Last season, Captain Tyler McLaughlin squeaked by Captain Dave Carraro of the FV-Tuna.Com for the title. Paul Hebert, who was fired from the crew of FV-Tuna.com with just weeks left in the season, is back with his own boat, and the captains say this season will be the most competitive yet.

“You try to be happy for the other guy. But it’s human instinct, or maybe it’s just jealousy,” Captain Dave Marciano says.

“That fish is worth potentially $10,000 so for me, it’s way more important to catch than it is for Paul,” Marciano says, motioning to Captain Hebert, who is still preoccupied trying to figure out how to check the fishing conditions on his iPhone.

He might not be a gadget-master, but on board his boat, Wicked Pissah! — a New England term for awesome — Hebert is king.

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