Seychelles: The first images of the Farquhar Islands after the passages of Fantala
The Farquhar atoll has particularly suffered from the second passage of intense tropical cyclone Fantala last week.

Remember, Fantala happened the first time Sunday, April 17 south of Farquhar with gusts of 350 km / h. On Tuesday, the storm system, ranked as one of the greatest depressions in the western Indian Ocean region, was again passed near the island with winds of 270km / h.

The phenomenon has destroyed almost everything in its path. The doors and windows were shattered and some buildings have even collapsed. Fortunately, the storm caused no casualties. Only five people had remained on the island with the approach of the storm, all confined in an anti-cyclone shelter.

Asked by the media SBC Seychelles, director of IDC (Islands Development Company Ltd., a government entity responsible for the management of all the Seychelles islands), Glen Savy, says cleaning Farquhar Islands began.

A pre-cleaning before the arrival of engineers and workers to repair the rare island infrastructure, completely devastated by the powerful meteor as we watch these images.

Brothers on the fly: Welcome to Iceland

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"Welcome to Iceland" Full Film from BrothersOnTheFly on Vimeo.

Providence Teaser 1

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PROVIDENCE Teaser 1 from FlyCastaway on Vimeo.

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