Meet Author & Sweetgrass Rods Guru Jerry Kustich

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Jerry Kustich will be signing copies of his book Around The Next Bend and will have some of the finest bamboo fly rods from Sweetgrass Rods with him to demo. Come by and check it out.

Where: Urban Angler – Alexandria, VA
108 N. Washington Street 2nd Floor
(703) 527-2524

When: Saturday, February 1st from 12 noon to 2 pm

Who: Jerry Kustich has been a part of the “Boo Boy” team for the past twenty years learning the many intricacies of rod building. Author, writer, devoted environmentalist, rod designer, and dedicated angler, he spends much time on the road as a fly fishing ambassador lecturing on and representing the ideals for which all serious fly anglers stand.

PETA: Hunters Shouldn’t Kill Bigfoot

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HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) said hunters shouldn’t kill Bigfoot and feel strongly about those that would shoot something exotic for sport.

“As an organization we do oppose hunting of any kind. It’s cruel and unnecessary and can damage populations and ecosystems,”PETA spokesperson Lindsay Rajt told The Houston Chronicle.

PETA along with representatives from the Texas Parks and Wildlife don’t believe that Bigfoot is real despite hunter Rick Dyer claiming that he shot and killed an 8-foot Sasquatch in 2012.

The hunter said he lured Bigfoot to his tent with a set of Walmart ribs he rubbed with a secret ingredient.
“The bottom line is, when someone sees a rare, exotic animal their first instinct shouldn’t be to shoot and kill it,” Rajt said . “Just because you see something pretty, that doesn’t mean it should be mounted on your wall. You are inflicting pain and suffering either way.”

The self described “master tracker” is taking the Bigfoot specimen he allegedly killed on tour across the country by towing the corpse behind a 40-foot coach in a trailer.

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SALMON, Idaho — A tiny fish characterized by a disproportionately large head and previously unknown to scientists has been found in mountain rivers of Idaho and Montana, in what biologists said on Thursday marked a rare discovery.

The new aquatic species is a type of freshwater sculpin, a class of fish that dwell at the bottom of cold, swift-flowing streams throughout North America and are known for their oversized head and shoulder structure.

“The discovery of a new fish is something I never thought would happen in my career, because it’s very rare in the United States,” said Michael Young, co-author of a scientific description of the find that has been published in the latest edition of the peer-reviewed journal Zootaxa.

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