For a segment that aired on Thursday’s Today, Weir joined Access Hollywood host Billy Bush for a fishing trip on the Black Sea. (Which isn’t an ocean, despite Weir’s excitement about fishing in such a body of water.) Weir was a successful fisherman, reeling in a small catch, but he didn’t want to celebrate too much, lest Bush get salt water on the mink.

The best moment of the segment came when Bush asked “what are those?” about Weir’s turquoise wedges, as if to say “you’re really wearing those on a beach while fishing?” Weir responded, “Rick Owens,” the name of the shoes’ designer. He said it with an amusing sense of obviousness, as if Bush had just asked him an easy question like, “is this an ocean or a sea?”

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Chesapeake Men: Their Stories – Their Memories By Don Parks

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The Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the United States and at one time provided a major portion of the nation’s seafood. Oysters, crabs, and clams were in abundance and the men of Maryland’s Eastern Shore relied on the Chesapeake to make their livelihood. Now eleven of these Shoremen share their memories. The stories they tell will both enlighten and entertain. Some earned a great sum of money in a short amount of time, while others experienced one misfortune after another. Learn about devastating storms, like Hurricane Agnes, from which they made harrowing escapes. Read about high-ranking politicians, from governors to presidents, who have made the Chesapeake Bay a center of political activity. Coming from diverse backgrounds, these men represent a broad spectrum of folks who lived along the Eastern Shore, worked the waters of the Bay, and experienced the harshness of Chesapeake winters as well as her glorious sunrises.

Size: 7″ x 10″ | 43 photos | 128 pp

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Nothing says “cool” like being in charge an elite private school in suburban North Carolina. So it’s fitting that Durham Academy’s Head of School Michael Ulku-Steiner and his assistant Lee Hark would announce the school’s closing today in the coolest way possible: with a cover of Vanilla Ice’s “Ice, Ice, Baby.”


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